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Gallivan, Magee & Associates Pty. Ltd. understand that in the event of a claim it can be a difficult and stressful time.

We pride ourselves on an excellent claims service with an aim to finalise your claim as efficiently & painlessly as possible.

For many types of claims, insurers now have a streamlined process whereby you as the Insured / property owner / driver, are asked to contact the insurer directly on a claims hotline. This generally is a streamlined process and many clients find that the system works very well. Please remember however that you do not walk alone through this process and we are available to help you at any stage. In fact we ask that you contact us first with claims information and we will direct you to relevant claims hotline numbers or advise you as to the correct process for claims handled with different procedures.

On some occasions you will need to complete claim forms, police reports and the like, and provide other additional information.

Please see below some tips on claims issues.

Again please remember that you do not walk alone through this process. We are here to help any stage.

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Some Suggestions and Tips ~ Call our office as soon as possible.

Travel Claims:

If overseas avail yourself of the emergency facilities set up by Travel Insurers. Keep all documents and receipts. If unsure on any issue contact us or keep in touch with your emergency assistance number. For some travel claims you must attempt recovery where possible, on for example lost baggage or cancellation and or loss of deposit claims.

Transit Claims:

If you have a cargo transit claim you must attempt recovery from carriers . On occasions, legislation may prevent a recovery however on other occasions reasonable transport firms may meet the cost of the claim. You must at least try.

Property Claims:

We suggest that you report the incident to the Police if you have a claim of a criminal nature such as a burglary / theft or malicious damage claim. Please also keep a record of the report number and the details and phone number of the Police officer accepting / completing the report.

Repairs and costs are generally best expended with insurersí or their representativesí approval however you do have a duty to prevent future loss and hence you should secure your premises as well as possible. Make a list of stolen or damaged items.

If you have proof of purchase or photos of the stolen items, then put these together Ė you may not need this but if the insurer asks then you will be prepared. Many people cannot locate original proofs of purchase. In these cases provide what information that you have such as manuals or photos or even witnessed Statutory Declarations attesting to the ownership and purchase. This latter item would only be if the insurer insists. On all occasions, report the claim to us and unless there is a claims hotline arrangement, we will forward a claim form to you. As stated above, In some cases the insurers have systems in place where it is more efficient for you to deal directly with them; we will instruct you & of course if there are any problems, assist you. The insurers may appoint assessors to assist so you will need to have all information with you where possible

Liability Claims:

Report the claim to Gallivan Magee & Associates Pty Ltd. A claim form will probably be necessary. The insurers may appoint assessors to assist so you will need to have all information with you where possible. Above all else, donít admit liability as this will effect the ability of the insurer to accept the claim. Forward all documentation relating to any threat or perceived claims circumstance to us as soon as possible.

Professional Indemnity Claims:

These are claims made contracts. If a third party makes a threat against you for this type of claim, you should immediately report to us and & we will in turn advise you to report to the insurer. Again, please refrain from admitting liability. Forward all documentation relating to any threat or perceived claims circumstance to us as soon as possible.

Motor Vehicle Claims:

Report the incident to the Police if you believe it is warranted. Contact us and we will advise you on your insurersí claims settlement processes and the situation with respect to repairers etc. We may suggest you contact the insurer directly as this can often streamline the process. Again donít admit liability, even if you think you are at fault.

Report everything to us and keep us informed.

In the event of a claim we request you contact our office as soon as practical. If the occurrence is outside business hours please follow these steps:

  • NEVER authorise repairs or replacement of any item until advised by ourselves or the insurer, the only exception is when emergency repairs are required to secure the premises, ensure you keep all receipts.
  • Notify Police IMMEDIATELY of any theft, attempted theft or malicious damage.
  • Ensure you keep a copy of the Police Report, your insurer may request a copy.
  • While you should not admit liability, that is not an excuse for not providing a high standard of care.
  • Retain all damaged property until the insurer has advised they no longer require it ~ If it must be removed or destroyed for safety and hygiene reasons, attempt to take a full set of photos.
  • To ensure the claim progresses quickly we will require proof of ownership of the items stolen or damaged, this can be done by photographs, receipts, valuation or owners manual.

For all types of claims where possible take a good set of photos of damaged items of property and vehicles etc.